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Cindy Palmer
3 STAPLE brushes!!

I must have 100 brushes, many high-end eye brushes from Wayne Goss, Rephr, etc and yet for years now I use these 3 brushes everytime! I use the blender for my 1st transition color it softly applies color without creating a harsh line, I use the very flat brush for under the eye shadow sometimes a second color directly under a dark shade (it gives a perfect straight line) and my favorite inner corner application for the 3rd BRUSH (and brow bone)! I actually came to the site to order another since my inner corner brush has gone missing... for some reason these brushes are different and I'm shocked to find one daily use brush but to discover 3 is a home run!! I heard the small blender in the gold set is unique and fantastic especially with very dark shades.


Best brush ever Love them. They have great Quality and durabiLity.

Catherine Rothman

These brushes are 10000000% some of my absolute favorite eye brushes. The fluffy blending brush is phenomenal and no other brand seems to match the quality

Merlisa Bharath
BeSt brushes

These brushes are really the best. They are all equally useful to me. The fluffy oNe Is Obviously a necessity for bLending and its The perfect density. The flat shader i use to apple shimmers and to cut the crease( i have multiple lol) and im always having tO wash it beCause i use it so much and lasted the flaT straIght tip shader i use to smoke out my lower lash line. Theyre all such great bRushes!

Eloisa Duarte
Soft as a feather

Ok so these are some bomb brushes ! I have two sets of these . I love them because they are multi use , so soft ,they don't shed after washing , blend my makeup with little Effort and they are cruelty free !

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