Our Story.

It all began in Alamar, Cuba where our founder & CEO Gabriela Trujillo was born. At three years old, her family immigrated to the United States, moving to a little city called Hialeah - where the rest of our beautiful origin story takes place. 

Our jefa started her makeup journey at an early age, always surrounded by it from her mom who worked as an esthetician. By the time she got to high school, Gaby was doing friends' faces for free using palettes she snagged from eBay for the low. And when she realized college wouldn’t be part of her story, she did the boldest thing any immigrant kid could ever do: she dropped out. Gaby took her high school passion and turned it into a career, investing her education at the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry. From 18 years old, she freelanced and made a name for herself in the Miami community, even pioneering the now viral “client headshot” marketing trend you see everyday on MUA pages. She went from MAC Cosmetics mall kiosks, Glamsquad gigs, all the way to BoxyCharm. Her expertise and influence took our main mami far - but she wanted to go even farther. 

You see, working in the industry for so many years had planted a seed in Gaby’s head: One day, these palettes and powders she carried around in her makeup kit could someday be her very own. But you don’t grow unless you sow - from formula trials and errors, many errors, unsolicited “advice” from others to not bother launching a makeup line in an “oversaturated” market, and setbacks that felt like gravity itself was personally trying to pull her down, the process was far from easy. But with all these things trying to hold her back, Gaby made sure her dreams were always louder than the doubts. And that dream? Well you’re a part of it right now. 

Our name is an homage to her hometown, and her hustle is a testament to what a young girl from a small island can do. We are more than just a makeup company, we are the very essence of beauty - a celebration of culture, an emblem of pride, an avenue of self-expression. We are creators, dreamers, go-getters, hustlers, mamis and papis alike. We break barriers, status quos and stereotypes. We represent.

We are Alamar.