Spanglish Brush Trio



This 3 piece brush set includes a Pigment packer brush, a Crease Control Brush and a Detailed Diffuser brush-- made of synthetic fibers and wooden handles.

Pigment Packer Brush: Pack on the pigment, Mamis with this flat, tapered brush. Perfect for placing our high-reflective glitter pigments on the lid.

Crease Control Brush: You don't have to be an MUA to cut.that.crease! Cut creases are easier than ever with this small, fan brush-- perfect for laying down concealer or detailing.

Detailed Diffuser Brush: Deepen outer corners and detail with precision. This brush is a MUST in your kit.

Customer Reviews

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never discontinue the crease control brush!

while i LOVE all of the brushes in this set, the crease control brush is the star of the show. it is one of the very few dense mini fan brushes i’ve seen, and by far the most affordable. the shape is also very unique and makes it really versatile for the crease when used flat and the inner and outer corners when using the sides. i’ve bought two sets just for this brush - please never discontinue!

Aury Naranjo
Loved the brushes!

They are so soft and look so elegant on display!


I have to be honest, at first I was skeptical because I am not use to wearing colors like these, but let me tell you! When I blended the eyeshadows together, it was DIVINE!! SO BEAUTIFUL, I promise you won’t regret your purchase. Plus the design, packaging, creativity, I loved it <3

Lacey todd
Fan brush

I don know if it’s a flaw in the Fan brush or not but the whole middle of the fan brush just sunk down in the brush and now i can even use it and u cant just buy the fan brush either so im go to be out 50dollars on 2sets of brush wich not right at all as u can see in the fir

Lacey Rodd
Very soft

These brushes are very SOFT work awsome but the fan brush is just a little bit to short or something the eye set I got the fan brush was perfect but this new fan brush I got for the crease has little short bristles and so short the metal touched my skin I not very happy about IT but I don't want to go threw the hassle of returning the brushes.