I wanted to celebrate my first ever blog post by writing about my very first influencer: my Mami, and just in time too with Mother’s Day right around the corner!  

My mom’s name is Evelyn and she’s the woman that has taught me everything I know about being a self-sufficient girl boss! My mom came to the US at age 28, even older than I am now. I can’t even imagine leaving my entire life behind and moving to a foreign country with a 3-year-old daughter, but that’s exactly what my mami did. She became a pharmacy technician shortly after arriving to Hialeah, FL and eventually attended beauty school—the irony! I remember her giving me mini-makeovers with drugstore makeup while she was still a student; I was in 2nd grade and by the time I was in 6th grade, my mom had cultivated a loyal clientele and was able to rent her own location. It was a tiny little room in the back of a hair salon, and from there she worked 10-hour days doing facials, waxing, etc. 


She always came home so happy because she was able to spend her day doing something she loved. I couldn’t imagine any other life for myself. 


My team put together the following Q&A for Mami's Day, so here's a little more on us:

Do you remember the first time your mom let you wear makeup?

My mom would actually let me play at home with makeup and nail Polish whenever I wanted, it was a creative outlet for me. I would draw on my face and hers and whoever else would let me. In 5th grade, (I know WAY too young) I became obsessed with the idea that I looked ugly without black eyeliner on and that’s when she said I wasn’t allowed to wear it anymore. So naturally I would hide it in my shoe and smear it on as soon as I would get to homeroom! 


What beauty tips & tricks did you get from your mom?

My mom drilled moisturizer into my head! She always told me that hydrated skin was beautiful skin. 


Can you remember any of your mom’s favorite makeup products?

My mom loved and still loves L’Oréal Carbon black mascara and L’Oréal infallible black gel liner. She’s all about the eyes & no foundation. 


What were your mom’s Most iconic makeup moments?

My moms signature look is thick black liner, lots of mascara, wet looking skin and lots of blush. Honestly, she’s always been on trend! 


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Con Amor,


  • Posted by Karoline on

    You got me into tears at the last paragraph: she arrived home everyday feeling happy because she spent her day doing what she loves. I recently quit my office job and am doing what I really love: makeup. My business has been growing but I was not able to fully commit to it because of my job, so I just quit. It is going to be an adventure but you just encouraged me with those words.

    Thanks for sharing, because you never know who you will inspire. Thank you. Besos, mami.

  • Posted by Letty on

    Thank you for sharing about you and your mom! I’m glad to have finally found a blog I can look forward to reading! ❤

    Feliz Dia De Las Madres Señora Evelyn!

  • Posted by Nayely Castellanos on

    I loved your story! I love how you want to inspired others to do what they love. Love the fact that you are embracing where you come from, and keeping it real!
    Love love love the Spanglish!! #latinapower #cuba

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