Although I never thought it would be the case, I have become consumed by skin care! After years of my mom nagging me about SPF, hydration and proper cleansing techniques, I finally had the epiphany she's always dreamt of and realized how important skin care really is. Who would have thunk!? It's true, the better your skin looks before makeup the better it will look once the makeup is applied, but it goes even deeper than that for me.  Truth is, the more time I spend taking care of my skin, the more relaxed and in control of my life I feel. Skin care has become a crucial element of my "self-care routine"

People say "self-care" a lot and I think the meaning can get lost in translation. To me, self-care means taking a breath and allowing myself to think my thoughts. It's the conscious choice to put myself first and do something that helps no one but me! If you're anything like me, your day consists of doing things you have to do.  Taking care of my skin and taking the time to look in the mirror and rub deliciously scented soft lotions and potions on my skin is therapeutic, te lo prometo! 

 here is exactly what I do for me:


  1. I start by cleansing my skin in the shower. Don't judge me. I wash my face and brush my teeth in the shower porque why now right?




  1. Then I follow up with my fave toner: the Thayers Witch Hazel alcohol free toner from target.


  1. Next up, we gotta have some intense hydration. I apply a few drops of dry oil to my skin to deliver soothing relief to my dry tired skin. My fave at the moment is the Ultra-Repair Oat & Cannabis sativa seed oil. I got it for free as a sample at Sephora and it is a staple in my routine now.


  1. After you lather up in your oils, you want to lock it all in with a nourishing moisturizer. This is major! My current fav is the Claudalie Vinosource S.O.S Deep Hydration Moisturizer. This moisturizer gets to work on replenishing your skin. 



  1. Lastly, I give my lips some much needed love. We can’t forget that lip care is an essential part of skin care. Your lips are constantly working for you. If you’re like me, your lips are probably pouted in a sassy annoyed fashion all day haha I finish off my day my lathering my lips in our mother of pearl gloss, usually in the shade Luna. This gloss is rich in oils and extracts to moisturize and repair your lips. We use an oil sourced from japan called Camilia Oil. Here’s a lil more information on our fav oil:


Our glosses also have a soothing pineapple and scent that is seriously addicting! Since their are no pore clogging ingredients in our glosses, you can also use them to hydrating your body, cheek bones, or anywhere else you want to add extra love. 



June 03, 2019 — APC Collaborator


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I’m a HUGE fan of Alamar Cosmetics! Gabby, I am blown away by the quality of your products, including your brushes. Chica sigue adelante! #proudlatina

Jysecca Delrio said:

Soooooo going to try this new skin care routine!! Keep doing amazing things Alamar crew! Products are BOMB! 😊🥰

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