Wow mis Reinas!

This past weekend we hosted our first-ever Alamar Cosmetics’ influencer event just in time to celebrate Las DesNUDEas launch and it was absolutely incredible!

 It went a lil something like this:

Our event was hosted at the 27 Bar & Restaurant, which is located inside the Freehand Miami Hotel. The space made the perfect setting to resemble a “casita,” which is something I wanted to create for my guests. I wanted a “home-y” vibe that spoke to my childhood upbringings and Cuban culture, specifically the home I left back in Alamar, Cuba.

Our event design team, Cardin Events, handled all things décor and did a fantastic job of bringing my vision to life. Décor items included custom couch pillows, tazitas de café (coffee cups), and my vanity set, which made the perfect backdrop for all photos. (Shout out to my girl, Lily for creating magic!) 




An hour before the event started, I head down to our glam room to get ready.  At this point I was SO nervous and afraid that something would go wrong, or that people wouldn't come since we hosted our event during a very busy week in Miami (Miami Swim Week madness was happening)!

Our event was competing with so many others that were taking place that same day but the good news is…our event turned out AWESOME and everyone that mattered to me was present! I definitely felt the local support.

 Our #aLaNude event was sponsored by Havana Club, which added the final touch that I needed. They provided customized cocktails that were inspired by our lip liners – Dulce and Coqueta--Dulce was my personal fave. Big thanks to the Havana Club team for making this happen, it truly meant a lot to have a notable spirit sponsor that not only tasted good but also resonated with my brand and heritage.




Once Meg the Stalion and Bad Bunny started playing, everyone started dancing and I felt at ease. It felt like I was at a family party celebrating con mi gente. I was completely relaxed and in my zone but then it was time for my speech..


I swear I blacked out for this moment--haha! This is my brain’s defense mechanism to protect me. I didn't even remember what I said until after I watched the clip. Que Pena forever!!!

 My mom left shorty after my speech and we both got so emotional when we hugged goodbye, It was surreal to have her see me in my element, doing my thing. I know how proud she is of me and really thats the only metric of success I need. I even included a picture of her from her first ever salon in Miami on top of my vanity set up. I wanted everyone to see where I get my drive from. 



Over all the event was a complete success! thank go my team talked me in to it because now I feel so much closer to my local community and I have these amazing photos to remember this day forever.


July 16, 2019 — APC Collaborator


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Martha November 2, 2019 said:

I absolutely love your products and I wish you the very best on your launching of your brand I love you guys keep up the good work

Giselle said:

Was introduced to one of your pallets from a friend. And omg!!! I’m so in love! The pigments In the formula ugh 🙌🏼

Gina said:

I am planning to submit to Alamar for samples to use as motivators that would connect with my On the Job Training and relate to Employability Skills in the Tampa Bay/Sarasota Region. I am a teacher that attempts to reach out to companies through people that I know in life, and in spite of the many subscriptions that I have personally, I know not a soul “in your industry”… So, I hope that one of you great souls wills provide me with a connection. Based on the profile that I “feel” I believe my “cold call” request will be considered, but just posting in the hopes that one of you will “adopt” my group of adult (young and some very experiences in life, others very naive) when you have a stash of personal care items that you have gotten over time and are not using. It is AMAZING the motivation I can inspire with a face wash/toner/base set in a nice (Ipsy, from my collection) with a nice lib balm, and for my young ladies, a nice mascara and small pallet or eye color pencil. It also helps that my boss is the best and makes a big deal about things that matter to my students, and that I am earning a reputation as a teacher with a makeup addition that wears minimal makeup is becoming a “thing” which I hope will further my successes. I would appreciate any suggestions from your group, and perhaps I can make a trip down south. My personal location is in Parrish, Florida, just North of Bradenton (where I teach; I hope to again each in Palmetto and currently work with students that travel to me from Palmetto, Parrish, and Sarasota to work with my fine groups of professionals (small but powerful) in their plan/goal to graduate from High School.

Gabriela said:

I love reading your comments! I love you guys <3
Thank you for all of your love and support.

Daniela said:

Wow. I got chills, this is so cool. Congrats, Gaby!

Adriana said:

Congrats on the event and the Las DesNUDEas launch. The event looked amazing and fun.

Jessica said:

You can see the love,
Drive, individuality and hard work you put into your brand and the products that represent you. Because of that your brand stands out and will succeed for years to come. Congratulations 🥂!

Amanda said:


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