I can't believe it's finally time to leak my nudes! It's been over a year since I started working on my pride and joy, the DesNUDEas collection! It's my signature lip look. Bronze smokey eye, lots of blush and highlight, and my sluttiest looking NUDE lip. I LIVE for a glossy, peachy, nude pout but the process of creating this collection was lengthy and frustrating. 
Let's start from the beginning, shall we?
The very first thing I wanted to launch when I started Alamar Cosmetics was a collection of delicious nude glosses. The second I saw that Alamar was gaining exposure and love, I began developing the shades and formula 
At first, everything moved quickly. I knew exactly the shades I wanted to create because I had spent years previously mixing other glosses and lipsticks to create this effect. We got into the lab within 2 months of creating the "benchmarks", which is a term labs use to describe what they use to color match. I went back and forth between making the shades deeper, less deep, more sheer, less sticky, more sticky, etc and ended up with so many different versions of each gloss. 
When I finally got the shades and constancy down, it was time to worry about the "component" --the tube of the lip gloss itself. I wanted something sleek and luxe, but still affordable.
Industry fact: A lot of brands will actually pay MORE for their component/packing, rather than investing in the actual formula. I don't know about you guys, but I prefer a bomb formula in a modest packaging than a lavish component with a mediocre formula, PERIODT! 
The first time we got a sample of our component it was GREEN! Green!!! And we only had one more "redirection", or change we could make, before it would start to push back our time line. 
We also had the added challenge of working on the lip liners at the same time as the glosses because my vision was to launch them together. The liners however, were being made at a completely different lab in a different state.
This lab had a way higher "minimum order quantity", so I had to scale back from 4 shades to 2 shades because is way too expensive to do all 4. I chose to move forward with DULCE and COQUETA because they are the most universal shades that I knew would work on the majority of people. 
It might have taken longer than expected, but they are finally here! I'm so excited for my Reinas to try these glosses and liners and give me their honest feed back. I want to continue to expand the DesNUDEas collection with more shades and new products.
Thanks for taking the time to read all about my process in bringing this delicious glosses to you guys. So, mi Reinas, what do you want to see next? 
July 08, 2019 — APC Collaborator


fluophy said:

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Linda Murphy said:

Bring back the Dulce liner and gloss.

Michelle said:

When will these be back in stock?

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Wanda said:

Gaby, Te lo juro. I do not need any more of any makeup until I saw your collection, the love I feel for your tribe and of course I couldn’t resist supporting my fellow Latina. All the best linda, keep the good work. Everything looks stunning. 😍😘
Much love,
Dominican Republic

Joy said:

I enjoyed reading this process! I love all the things your company stands for, and have loved all the products I’ve tried so far. But since you asked, please more lip glosses! I didn’t realize that the original collection wouldn’t be restocked, so I missed out on purchasing the ones I liked (but just purchased one off FB from someone who received it in Boxy – can’t wait to try Sirenita!). Would love to see different finishes and more colors – pinks, mauves, and rosey colors! I’d also love a (cool toned) nude/neutral eyeshadow palette, with both mattes and shimmers like your other palettes have. I’m excited for whatever is next though!

Sydney Crowell said:

I am OBSESSED with this collection. I am hoping that these are permanent, because they are amazing and I have not been able to find colors like these! Please tell me they are… :)

You are killing it with your products, congrats on the hard work, it has paid off!


Deanna said:

I received one of our nude glosses in a beauty box I receive. I love it! I am in my 40’s and I love that the gloss doesn’t feather around my lips. It stays put very nicely and gives my lips just the right amount of gloss. I look forward to trying your other colors. If I was going to wish for anything I would wish for a nude that had a hint of brick red to it or these same nudes in a creamy lipstick would also be very nice.

Veronica Fernandez said:

Bueno rumbear, tuve que comprar toda la colección!! No me pude contener. Te deseo todo el éxito del mundo.
Puerto Rico

Katrina said:

Thanks for sharing the process. This makes the company and you more personable. I have loved every product that you came out with. And of course we have to support nuestras reinas.

yadira said:

I love your products and support your brand. I ordered and can’t wait to have them in my hands ❤

Michelle said:

Congrats gaby! These glosses look so deliciously beautiful and I cant wait to get my hands on them!! After using and loving your amazing blushes, I would love to see bronzers from you! Or perhaps even doing traditional lipsticks in these same nude shades or different shades, would also be amazing! I know you’ll kill it regardless of what you come out with next!! Love alamar so much!! 💕😘

Adriana said:

Congrats, the glosses look gorgeous 😍. Would love to see matte liquid lipsticks.

Andrea said:

I’m so proud of you!! I love all the products you have came out with and I would LOOVEEEE it if you would come out with highlights! 😍😍 I’m always so excited to see what you come out with it since the first palette I received through BoxyCharm ❤️💖

Carla said:

I would die for some Alamar bronzers. You did so well on these glosses. Cant wait to get mine.

Leslie said:

I loved reading all about how you created these gorgeous glosses! Your hard worked payed off and the final product was amazing and beautiful. I would love to see alamar come out with lipsticks!

Sabrina said:

Come out with bronzers please!!

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