Mami, You Need a Vacation--Trust Me. Let Me Tell you Why...
Over the last year, I have worked on Alamar Cosmetics from the comfort of my own home and it has been incredible! I can make my own schedule, sleep in when I need to, and even have meetings with my team from my own kitchen. It's truly one of the greatest blessings in my life and I AM NOT COMPLAINING...however, (jajajaja) it can get just a little bit taxing to be in the same place for 24 hours in a day for months at a time. I start to forget where work ends and HOME begins. And while we're on the subject, I should also mention that I work from home with my business partner and fiancé who also lives here... you see where this can get... interesting. Again, what a blessing amirite? Needless to say, after 8 months of working on my company I needed a break from the environment I built at home, so we agreed to go on vacation with my fiances family.
We laid out some ground rules that I think might help any of you who are trying to disconnect for a bit:
1. NO TALKING ABOUT WORK. Not a word. Jordan and I agreed that this week was about our relationship, family, and our romantic future and DASSIT. This was hard for me, I think about Alamar almost constantly but it made all the difference.
2. We're going to do WHATEVER we want. Some days we slept for the majority of the day. Some days we just ate and drank and laughed. Other days we spent with family. We spend the majority of our lives doing what we have to do, and vacation should be all about what YOU WANT to do. Major key!
3. Make a list of situations that are you stressing you at work and look for ways to improve upon them. For example, before our vacation Jordan and I were arguing very frequently about work. Specifically about when and how things should get done. I decided to use this vacation as a "reset" retreat. I made it my homework to find a way that I, MYSELF, can change my attitude to yield a different result between us. Some times just being away from a stressful situation can change your perspective on how to handle things.
4. Most importantly, have as much fun as possible. Laugh as much as possible. Smile, joke, dance, sleep, hydrate, tan! It's so important to "let your hair down" and take in some fresh air! Your ideas and creative energy can't flow in a stagnant envrionment. 
Moral of the story is that to be a boss ass bitch you need a real ass break and you deserve it! Then you can come back ready to take over the world! 
June 18, 2019 — APC Collaborator



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Anna said:

Wow I love this brand so much more because of you gabby can’t wait to read about the two Otha leading ladie!!you are so funny in Kathleen’s cafecito btw!!


Anna said:

Wow I love this brand so much more because of you gabby can’t wait to read about the two Otha leading ladie!!you are so funny in Kathleen’s cafecito btw!!


Emelin said:

Hi i just saw you in Telemundo. I love the plate of eyeshadow , Nice colors. Wish you the best with your brand Alamarcosmetic and keep chasing your dreams.


Bárbara said:

Acabo de escuchar en tv de la existencia de Alamarcosmetics, y ya te he leído todo. Te felicito y deseo lo mejor, por favor, avísame de algún evento, me encantaría participar con mi hija, quien es una excelente estudiante y toda una fans del maquillaje.. Éxitos!!


Yadira said:

It’s great to take a breather once in a while! You deserve it! All your products are absolutely AMAZING btw!❤

Katrina G

Katrina G said:

So glad you went on a vacation and you deserve it. Reading this blog came at the right moment. We all need to learn how to push the reset button.

Besitos xo

P.s Can we get a jefa-ish necklace :):)

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